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    TH 17.1 photo TH171_zps1ad8af2f.png

    RYAN: Check the monocle, my good dude.

    TIM: Ah, but have you seen my prestigious mustache?! Truly a far greater mustache than your own.

    RYAN: Well… my undies are stuffed with hundies!

    TIM: That’s not your Woodrow Wilson?

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    Here’s some behind the scenes audio of Ryan and Tim developing their “Transformers voices”. 

  3. Here’s an #Autobot I like to call Pessimist Prime.
    DISCLAIMER: not an actual part of #Transformers continuity!

  4. "I don’t think it’s a truck at all!" #OptimusPrime #Transformers

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    HC 10: Godzilla Part I – The Church of Kaiju DIRECT DOWNLOAD     – ON iTUNES

    HC 11: Godzilla Part II – Atomic Benediction DIRECT DOWNLOAD     – ON iTUNES

    Godzilla 2014 drops today on Blu-ray and DVD! Back at the beginning of Summer we celebrated the king of monsters by watching Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla (1974) and had a blast. These dual episodes are among our favorites!

    Before you go… these episodes features some Kaiju artwork that you can now get as wallpaper!

    Check it out»

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    HC 16: BUS NUTS – DIRECT DOWNLOAD    – ON iTUNESTH 16.1 photo TH161_zps05f167ab.png

    RYAN: Ah, it’s good to be back! 

    TIM: Are you ready for a brand new episode of Jetman?!

    RYAN: I think so… I’m feeling a bit rusty though. It’s been a while!

    TIM: Nah. What could possibly go wrong? We’re consummate professionals!

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    HC 15: VENDER’S GAME – DIRECT DOWNLOAD    – ON iTUNESTH 15.2 photo TH152_zps2b608612.pngTIM: Hey, man, I’m going to the machine. Can I get you anything?

    RYAN: Sure, I guess. 

    TIM: Whadaya want?

    RYAN: I dunno… Surprise me. Oh, but no soda. I don’t do that OR any sugary drinks. No chips either, please, unless they’re kettle cooked, and no chocolate. No candy of any kind– oh, unless they have pretzel M&M’s. Maybe if there’s a protein bar I’ll make an exception. Also, no “gas station pastries,” like pop tarts and crap. Those don’t agree with me. 

    TIM: I’m going to get you a styrofoam cup and water from the drinking fountain. 

    RYAN: Perfect!



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  9. Choujin Sentai Jetman: Henshin Comprehension Trailer from Thousandfold on Vimeo.

    Here’s a short video I make for the HENSHIN COMPREHENSION podcast!

  10. henshincomprehension:

    Happy Thursday everyone, Ryan here! Welcome to the first week of our new content schedule! 

    Tim and I want to bring you more than just SOUNDS, so we’re going to be branching out a bit in these “B weeks” with some alternative content. This week marks the beginning of the expansion of our Henshin Comprehension Guide and I wanted to show a little bit of what’s going into it. 

    When I’m not watching Jetman, I’m usually doodling on paper or in photoshop (you can see some my non-Henshin content HERE) and it’s been our intention here at HC HQ to make an expansive guide to our show and the Jetman universe. 

    We want to start with some character profiles and illustrations, and this week we’ll start with Ryu, the leader of Winged Squadron. In this post I wanted to showcase Ryu and share a little bit of my process when illustrating. 

    SS 01 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at55717PM_zps8eb845e8.png

    Here’s the initial sketch surrounded by a bunch of Ryu reference to capture his likeness and jacket detail. Also I modeled there at the bottom left for hand reference. 

    Ryu 02 photo Ryu12_zps9b500e44.jpg

    Right here I’m working out how how his puffy sleeves should fill out his silhouette and nailing down the jacket details. 

    SS 02 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at60044PM_zpsac533358.png

    And yes, his jacket says “Fine Clothes Poshboys ‘91” followed by the non-sequitur “port out starboard home.” I’m a stickler for detail, even when it’s meaningless. 

    Sidenote– you can hear Tim and I discuss this silly jacket in the episode HC 03: Fine Clothes with Unique Article.

    SS 03 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at60121PM_zpse538ca15.png

    Ryu’s communicator was one of my favorite things to draw. He can detach the portion with the logo on it and insert it into the console of his jet to activate the team’s giant robot. Notice also his cool Gold’s Guy weightlifting gloves!

    Ryu 04 photo Ryu10_zps67a47ae8.jpg

    At this stage, I’m happy with his silhouette: his hands are the right size, his sleeves are appropriately puffy with a distribution of weight and motion, and his jacket details are locked in. Time for inking. 

    photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at72430PM_zpsa19511dd.png

    Here I digitally ink my sketch. For you Photoshop buffs out there I use the polygonal lasso tool for this. It helps me control line width and keeps everything sharp. 

    Ryu 05 photo Ryu08_zpse7904fce.jpg

    Don’t that look sharp?!

    SS 06 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at74352PM_zps3bb2d49d.png

    Ryu’s color is RED of course, but I wanted to turn up the color scheme to the high voltage neon buzz of the 90’s. 

    Ryu 06 photo Ryu04_zpsffb351bd.jpg

    Next step: gradients. 

    Here I add some shadow gradients to sculpt his sleeves and face a bit and add color gradients to the jacket for effect. 

    SS 07 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at122902PM_zps2b04f09a.png

    One thing I like to do is color the line art. This is something I always noticed in Disney animated features. Apart from looking sweet, it can help harden or soften edges depending how you use it. 

    Ryu 08 photo Ryu02_zps6fd68461.jpg

    Ain’t that nice?

    SS 08 photo ScreenShot2014-07-03at60349PM_zpsa306094c.png

    Lastly I like to mess around with gradients and fill layers set to layer modes like MULTIPLY, SCREEN and OVERLAY.  


    ryu 01 photo Ryu00_zps232623b4.jpg

    See you all next week for an all new podcast where we mull over the next Jetman episode.

    Until then we are @henshinpodcast on twitter and and you can throw us a line at contact@henshincomprehension.com


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    TH HX2 photo THHX2_zps7249a876.png

    TIM: Whoa, what happened to your face?

    RYAN: Well, I got my head cleaned, my RAM flashed, and my firmware retooled.

    TIM: Did it hurt at all?

    RYAN: Only my scuzzy ports.



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  12. Doing something a little different on this week’s HxC episode… Making some pixel art to accompany it!

  13. Never done pixel art before…

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    Happy Thursday, everyone! Henshin Comprehension will be back June 5th with a brand new episode. In the meantime you can check out our show archive, get caught up, and ooh, look, gifs just for you!

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    TH 11.1 photo TH111_zps4ec2d538.png

    RYAN: What did you think of last week’s whopping episode?


    RYAN: Good, because we got plenty more this week! Especially in the Godzilla 2014 review…




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